KP basic

Basic Course on Stellar Astrology (K.P.) – Sub Lord Theory

  1. Limitations of Traditional Astrology.
  2. Introduction to K P System
    • Development of Nakshatra and Sub Theory.
    • Calculation of Sub Area.
  3. Planets Behaviour in K P System.
    • Dasa Potential of Planet.
    • Behaviour and Role of Sub.
    • How to determine significator of Houses.
    • Behaviour of Rahu and Ketu.
  4. Significance of Planets and Bhava.
  5. K P Astrology and Analysis of Chart.
    • Factors on which the accuracy of the Chart depends.
    • Casting of Chart as per Placidius System and its Interpretation.
    • Analysis of the horoscope.
  6. Analysing the Ascendant.
    • Physical and Mental characteristics.
    • Potential of the Ascendent.
    • Status of health.
    • Longivity.
  7. Analysing Second House.
    • Financial Status.
    • Sources of gain or loss of money.
    • Diseases of eye, speech etc.
  8. Analysing the Horoscope for Disease, accidents etc.
    • Theories of Diseases.
    • How to determine the Nature of Disease.
    • Timing periods of Diseases.
    • Timing periods of cure of Diseases.
  9. Analysing horoscope for Marriage and Married Life.
    • Characteristics of the Partner.
    • Timing Marriage, Divorce etc.
    • Plurality of Sexual relationships.
    • Second Marriage and its Timing.
  10. Analysing Horoscope for Educational Prospects.
  • Basic and Higher education prospects.
  • Subjects of Study
  • Nature of Profession.
  • Financial, Administrative status in Profession.
  • Ups and Downs in Profession.
  • Timing periods of Gain and loss in Profession.

11. Analysing Horoscope for Profession.

12. Timing Events.

  • Fixing Dasa, Bhukti, Antara etc. for events.
  • Transit of Planets and its role in timing events.

Duration:  3 / 6 months                                                     Fee: Rs. 9999/- only